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About Smart Exit Blueprint

If you want to quit your miserable job, and either start your own business or figure out what to do with your career, and you have no idea where to begin, welcome. You are in the right place.

The Smart Exit Blueprint course is designed to show you how to go from employee to entrepreneur in a step-by-step exit plan.

This is a website for you if you have lost your passion for your job and you are burning with a desire to work on something you can be excited about. Because what you need first and foremost is a smart exit plan out of where you are to where you are headed.

The Smart Exit Blueprint course and resources show you how to make your transition with a clear roadmap from the wrong job into the right place to do your dream work.

You Can Follow Your Passion and Make It Work

2 Shocking Truths about Transition out of Corporate

  • You can start your own profitable business and make drastic changes from what you've done as an employee at any age, and with any qualifications. Period. No MBA necessary. No previous business experience required.
  • You can't move forward on your dream career by staying and hanging out in a job that has run its course. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. Start your exit plan today.

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Smart Exit Blueprint class was launched in 2012 and the success stories of smart exits still overwhelm me. You could be the next one if you stick around. So stay tuned to learn for next round of Smart Exit Blueprint class registration so you learn step-by-step how to get out of your job.

About Farnoosh Brock

Farnoosh Brock Headshot Hi and welcome. I am Farnoosh Brock and I am the creator of Smart Exit Blueprint. I spent 12 years in Corporate America in a Fortune 100 technology company building a successful career, but I was miserable. So I finally made my own shocking but successful exit in 2011.

I went from an unhappy corporate employee to running my own company, hiring my husband, authoring books, speaking & coaching on my passions, while designing and living my ideal lifestyle. And listen, I only ever knew how to be an employee.

Today, one of my passions is helping people like you to exit out of your unhappy job in such a way that you don't risk your life's savings or your own sanity. It takes more than a "leap of faith". It takes a smart exit plan. Learn to build it here with Smart Exit Blueprint.


What Qualifies Me to Help You?

I’ve done this first hand. I left a successful, cushy, high-paying flexible job with a smart plan with a professional and smooth transition. I started my own dream business from scratch and went from being an employee to an entrepreneur.

Since then, I’ve helped many others like you do it. I mentored colleagues while at my job and since then I have worked with clients and classes in coaching programs. Here's the bottom line: I have the know-how, the expertise and the experience to show you the way if you are open to understanding exactly what is holding you back and if you are serious about leaving your miserable job and doing exciting, fun, rewarding work and get paid for it.

Questions or comments about Smart Exit Blueprint? Contact Farnoosh here.