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Start A Business and Quit Your Day Job with Smart Exit Blueprint - Smart Exit Blueprint
How would you feel 3 months or 3 years from now, instead of being stuck in the same job, you have a profitable business based around your passions, generating multiple income streams, and growing every year?

Did you know: Waiting for things to “get better” at your job is just another way that your mind plays tricks with you because you are afraid to make the changes that you know you need to make?

So here’s a FACT: It is not too late or “unrealistic” to plan an exit from your job for a fulfilling business of your own. Make it happen not by waiting but with the right exit plan.

But don’t expect a cheer of support just yet. Your peers and colleagues are not going to give you any encouragement to quit a “stable job” (there is no such thing by the way) in order to start your business. Here’s why.

They put holes in your dreams and ideas because they have stopped believing in their own.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens to a lot of dreams. Others who have never pursued their own dreams walk all over yours (if you let them) and make you lose all heart and hope.

Think about it: When was the last time a successful person you admired told you to forget about your business dreams and get “real”?

But don’t feel bad. I was right there with you – I constantly allowed others to walk all over my dreams. And their awful influence worked because:

I started to believe that I was stuck and just not cut out for a happy career. That because I had no MBA, and no prior experience running a business, and because I studied engineering and not sales and marketing in college, that I could never ever stop being an employee or (heaven forbid) have my own business.

And besides, I had no roadmap for leaving my corporate job to start this dream business. I didn’t even know where to begin. And worst of all, I did not get so much as a nod of approval from my family to go for it. Everyone agreed on one thing: this would be an unwise move!

Turns out they were wrong. Nobody knows the best thing for you except YOU!

“Farnoosh Brock is a successful internet entrepreneur but what really makes her interesting is that before, she was a very successful engineer at a Fortune 100 company and she resonates with me because her story is similar to mine: A technology person who is successful but has a dream of building a business online. Farnoosh jumped in with both feet and has published books, has a popular blog and many products and she’s got lots of great wisdom for people who are doing that too. Going through the course was great for me. I’m not really looking to leave my job. What I was looking for was understanding how to plan for the future that included the opportunity to transition if I needed to and preparing for all that and working through what I wanted for my business. One of the strengths of Smart Exit Blueprint is the customization – there’s class course material but there’s one on one engagement with Farnoosh that I value to this day.”
Mark Mason, building up his online business for long-term exit from his successful corporate gig

Fact now: Quitting my job to start my dream business turned out to be the best, smartest, most life-changing, transformative, and profitable career decision I have ever made. So good that I later hired my husband out of his cushy job to work for me!

I know this big shift in career doesn’t seem “realistic” compared to what you hear from others. It didn’t to me either. But after watching people far less qualified than me leave their corporate jobs and start successful businesses, I knew that I could do it too.

That was when I made it my mission to create a smart foolproof exit plan out of being an employee without stressing myself, without driving my family away, and without risking my finances.

By observing successful entrepreneurs that I wanted to model myself after, by trading my limited corporate beliefs for abundance and creativity mindset, I figured out how to create an exit plan that would let me transition out of an 11-plus year career at a giant corporation into doing exactly what I dreamt, on my terms, and creating the lifestyle that goes along with my work, not the other way around.

Once my corporate friends saw my success, they wanted my help to get out of their jobs, to start a side-hustle so they could have additional income streams and maybe later go full-time with their dream business.

“Signing up for the Smart Exit Blueprint class was one of the best things I could have done. Going to work every day to a job that is un-fulfilling was draining me. My emotions were out of control and I all I could think about was quitting no matter what, but, that wouldn’t have been smart, not with all the other responsibilities I had. The Smart Exit class has helped me to put things into perspective and look at the situation in a practical manner. I now have a plan that not only takes into account all my responsibilities, but also has helped to generate new ideals for a new path! I no longer see my current work situation as “life draining” but as a stepping stone to where I’m going. Oh yes, and the best part is now that I have a plan, I’m no longer controlled by my emotions. I like the new me!”
Sylvia Duncan, started her own speaking & writing business

Depressed business person with headache in workI showed them everything from figuring out their “why”, getting prepared before jumping ship, building a support system (outside family and best friends) and spotting hidden and golden opportunities to create their side-hustles and full-blown businesses in record time.

Their results were amazing. They began to wake up from what I call the “job fog” and take their passions seriously (for the first time in years for some) with an actionable practical plan to making them happen.

But more than that, they realized that the fear – or the terror – of making this big change in their lives is at its highest when you wait and hope. The fear loses its power on you when you begin to take step by step actions and move forward.

Through preparation for an exit, the fear gets replaced with the desire to break free and to make your dream happen.

That’s when I realized that I had created a step-by-step exit plan to help corporate employees that have no idea how to unlock their brilliant potential to leave the box they put themselves in and to redefine their careers doing what they can get excited about.

That is how the Smart Exit Blueprint was born. You learn all my insider secrets on how to get out of a job that is making you miserable with a custom-made exit plan for your exact needs.

Registration is still open. Sign up below before doors close.

If you are ready to take the plunge, you have 2 payment options below. You can either pay the one-time registration price of $997 ONLY $697 before regular registration closes or choose the payment plan which is 4 monthly payments of $187. You will pay $748 in total and get immediate access to all the material right after your first payment. That way I take all the risk.

So if you want your seat in this course, just click a payment option below to grab your seat to get Lifetime Membership Access plus Invitation to Live Monthly Group Coaching Calls plus Access to a Dynamic private Facebook mastermind group.

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Note: Seats are limited in this course. At this time, I am still accepting new students. Registration closes when class fills up. Class is currently 80% full.

“Working with Farnoosh was wonderful. Her passion for her work comes through in everything she does, and she engages and connects with her students, really getting to know them as people. I love that she has her own strong viewpoints, but is extremely respectful of others’ views, and doesn’t push her opinions on other people. She allows and encourages people to be true to who they are, whether that means being a high-powered corporate attorney or a lumberjack in the woods! She knows each person’s path is unique and no matter what it is, she helps them find it and succeed.”
Jenn Gonsalves, transitioned out of long-term corporate job to writer & entrepreneur

If a course like this existed when I was figuring out my way from employee to entrepreneur, I’d have given my right arm for it.

Can you imagine what it would be like to learn to be your own boss? To call the shots? To make smart decisions? And to stop wasting your time in boring meetings and instead create exciting results all day long?

Or what it would be like to go from one single stream of income – your salary – to multiple streams (and some totally passive) and even if you have to build them up slowly, you know there is no upper limit to how much you make once they take off?

When you apply the strategies in the 6-pillar system that I teach in the Smart Exit Blueprint to your life, you begin to see a chain reaction from a mental shift to total clarity to more physical energy and to real excitement about your work and your dreams. That translates to the birth of your own dream business and unleashing your true potential.

This is what happens when you follow a step-by-step plan to leave a dead-end job and do what you love. But most of us have no clue how to do this.

“Follow your passion” is not exactly a plan and without a true tested step-by-step plan to go from being an employee to being your own boss, you risk taking too long or miss your best opportunities from the get-go.

That’s where I come in.

FarnooshBrockAt this point, you might be wondering exactly who I am, so allow me to introduce myself.

I am Farnoosh Brock and I resigned from my 6-figure comfortable career at a Fortune 100 at the top of my game to start my own company and build a profitable personal brand in less than 2 years.

After nearly 12 years in Corporate America, I walked away from a lot of money and security, I started my first and current business without an MBA (I studied electrical engineering and was a techie all my life), without fancy “business experience under my belt” (I was the most loyal corporate employee), with nothing but a yearning to do my own thing, be my own boss and create my own meaningful work for the world.

A year later, I hired my husband out of his cushy job to help us grow our dream. We’ve done amazing things since then, least of which is grow a profitable business with several independent passive income streams.

We started out as clueless cubicle junkies with just a dream of an escape.

We made a lot of mistakes (which I help you avoid in this course). We took some wrong turns but we kept going and in 2 years, we grew a profitable self-sustaining business that is true to our core values and brings in several diverse income streams, most passive.

Today, I spend a lot of my time helping trapped unhappy professionals find their way – their escape – with a smart plan out of dead-end careers and into dream careers.

You already have everything it takes to make this happen but you do not realize it because fear is blocking your vision. You just need to begin saying YES to yourself and NO to settling for a miserable job.

Quitting your day job probably sounds crazy. Even terrifying. I know. I felt that way for years. But that’s because you don’t yet know how to quit the right way, with the smart foolproof plan of action – not with wishful thinking and daydreaming – and this course can show you just how to do that.

In the Smart Exit Blueprint course, I show you how to get in the right frame of mind first, how to deal with the paralyzing fear of doing what you want, how to stop the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back AND how to begin taking massive action toward your escape plan.

“Smart Exit Blueprint, including the expert guidance of Farnoosh, was the single most important factor in my ability to leave my corporate job and pursue a happier, more fulfilled life. I began to think seriously about a life outside of corporate about three months before I discovered SEB. At that time, I was trying to take in as much information about entrepreneurship and lifestyle design as I could, but no one was answering the specific, detailed questions regarding how to handle the transition from employee to entrepreneur. Walking through the Smart Exit Blueprint course was a real journey of self-discovery, not only tackling the nuts and bolts of how to exit corporate and start a business, but also working through the identity shifts that come along with such a huge transition. I was able to exit my corporate job six months after beginning the SEB course, and am now moving forward into my new ventures with courage and confidence and living the life that I had envisioned. Farnoosh is such a kind, supportive soul, who is not afraid to dole out tough love when needed.”
Amy Simpkins, mom of two and budding entrepreneur

See, you were meant for much more than a job, more than slaving away to make someone else rich at the expense of your dreams. And I’d love to help you create that smart escape plan now, not later.

Is this course right for you? It is if it makes you feel this way:

  • Bored, unchallenged and extremely unhappy at your job.
  • Sick of being treated as a cog in the corporate system.
  • Doing it just for the money but hating it all the same.
  • Tired of corporate policies, management, and politics.
  • Dream of doing your own thing all the time.
  • Frustrated because you don’t know where to start.
  • Anxious to get a backup plan in case you get laid off tomorrow.
  • Ready to invest in yourself and your dream.
If you are ready to stop feeling frustrated and humiliated because you have not taken your business dreams seriously until now, and your job has held you back for too long – here’s how Smart Exit Blueprint course can help.

Inside The Smart Exit Blueprint Course, you will learn to:

  • Go from a cubicle brain-washed corporate workaholic to a self-starter thinker and planner.
  • Gain total clarity and sense of direction and purpose for your big move.
  • Understand why you want to quit your job and how knowing this helps you find your passions.
  • Understand the winning and practical entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Learn why jumping ship and “follow your passion and the money will follow” is not the smartest way to make this move.
  • Know your financial risk tolerance and necessary changes to adjust your lifestyle to your exit plan.
  • Figure out what your passion and purpose is and how to turn it into a business idea.
  • Discover your hidden talents and skills and ways you can use them to propel your passion forward.
  • Hash out your best business ideas through brainstorming exercises.
  • Start a side-hustle that can bring in profit and joy.
  • Reset expectations at your current job while getting ready for your exit.
  • Handle your work relationships well during this sensitive period.
  • Handle personal family relationships during this big change in your life.
  • Grow your side-hustle without ignoring your work until you quit.
  • Leave your job on such professional terms that you’d have those connections for life.
  • Build your foolproof support system (even if it’s not your family or your BFF) to stay accountable on your new path.
  • Belong to a tight community of like-minded budding entrepreneurs leaving their day jobs behind.
  • Use the right tools and resources going forward to grow your dream business and grow yourself in this new path.
Mark Mason interviews Farnoosh on her exit plan from corporate and shares his experience from Smart Exit Blueprint:

(Click HERE if the audio player above doesn’t display for your device.)

You are not being ungrateful or irresponsible “to leave a good-paying job in this economy!” A job has never brought anyone freedom or wealth. A business can bring you both. Plus happiness.

The time, money and freedom in your career that you’ll have after you go through The Smart Exit Blueprint will outweigh any investment you make right now.

Plus, the course will save you from taking missteps during your transition.

And listen, I get that your job situation and your business ideas are unique to YOU – no two people are alike, we all have our own brilliance – but the key to creating an exit plan out of a bad job fits under the 6-pillar system that I teach in this course and it will apply to your situation.

The only thing you need to make all of this work for you is a willingness to make it happen and believe that you are WORTH it.

So what do you get when you register for the Smart Exit Blueprint Course?

Smart Exit Blueprint Course Material

You will get lifetime access to the following:

Six High-Quality Step-by-Step Video Training Modules:

Released weekly, the videos guide you step-by-step toward understanding your current circumstances and building your exit blueprint. The course is designed around the ACTION model with 6 key elements of a Smart Exit plan: Assess the why. Create your foundation. Thrive on your strengths (Passion, Talent, Skills). Invent your plan. Open yourself to possibilities. Navigate to your exit.

Six Worksheets to Convert Your Module Learning into Clear Actionable Steps:

After watching your training modules, you learn how to apply it to your situation with these worksheets. You can brainstorm your answers with your classmates and bring your results to the group coaching calls or to the private Facebook group page for further discussion. At the end of class, you come back to these worksheets and pull together your overall exit plan.

Full Access to the Dynamite Private Facebook Community for Support and Masterminding:

You get to interact with the past and current students of the class as well as with the instructor in a private Facebook community where you can feel safe and comfortable sharing your progress, your challenges and move past any blocks to finish out the course with success.

Four Revealing Interviews with Experts and Successful Entrepreneurs:

You will have access to 4 experts who share their practical advice on audio interviews. You will hear from (left to right) power corporate-entrepreneur business coach and speaker, Pam Slim, super successful businessman and author, Dan Miller, a teacher turned best-selling fiction novelist, Michelle Moran, and best-selling author with a rockstar personal brand, Scott Ginsberg.

Three In-Depth Case Studies to Help You Avoid Critical Mistakes:

You will hear 3 in-depth case studies with individuals from different backgrounds who made their exit. They share their challenges and successes with power tips for you: Marlee Ward, a lawyer-turned-online marketing coach (she’s brilliant), John Kowalski, a tech manager turned soulful consultant and Kristi Hines, an employee turned mega blogger and freelance writer.

Weekly Accountability Emails to Keep You Honest:

I know it can get overwhelming so I help you stay committed and get results. You get weekly emails to inspire you to continue taking action and to answer any questions you have. Your Completed Exit Blueprint: As you go through the course, you create the building blocks of your put your own custom exit blueprint. At the end of class, you will walk out with your finished blueprint and a map that tells you exactly how to make your leap and land safely in the right place.

Plus, don’t forget the BONUSES you qualify for with the course:

  • Bonus #1: Monthly Q&A and Discussion Group Coaching Calls (value: $2495/year) -This is a limited time offer so jump on this.

    You get to vote on the topics in the member area, interact with me, ask questions live, and get the whole recording if you miss the call. Every quarter, I will set up this live Q&A group coaching call where you get 1:1 coaching with me in a group setting.

  • Bonus #2: The 10 Minute Invigorator Program (value: $37)

    And to make sure that you stay energized and motivated, I am throwing in a FREE copy of my popular 10 Minute Invigorator program. In 10 minutes a day you’ll get all the energy you need to blast through the modules!

  • Bonus #3: Career Strategy Mind Map Formula (Value: $97):

    This is an ideal resource if you are not sure which direction your career is going. In or out of employment? You map out your overall career strategy using this mind map that I use exclusively for my clients.

So how much is this worth to you: the freedom to own your business, be your own boss and escape from paycheck dependency?

WomaninfieldNormally, my coaching clients pay me a minimum of $2185 to work with me.

By taking this course, not only are you spending a whole lot less, you are also gaining more than just access to me and the course material, you are becoming a part of well-established community of budding entrepreneurs (see the stories below.)!

So if you are serious about taking action, and put an end the waiting-and-hoping, and if you are ready to look your fears in the eye but not be held back by them anymore, if you want to join the ranks of ex-employees who are now charting their own career, then Smart Exit Blueprint course is pretty much a no-brainer for you.

This is a self-study course, with a one-time registration that gets you lifetime access to all the modules, resources, and bonuses as well as access to the exclusive “SEB crew” on Facebook plus access to my coaching and guidance on your journey.

Start your Dream Business by Joining Now:

SEB Onetime payment SEB Payment Plan

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Gentle reminder: Seats are limited in this course. At this time, I am still accepting new students. Registration closes when class fills up. Class is currently 80% full.

Invest in yourself and join the new group of students who are about to change the course of their careers for good. Plus, with a 30-day money-back guarantee your purchase is totally RISK-FREE in case of a change of heart.

How your 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Works
If you have any reservations or later find out that for whatever reason, you don’t want to keep the program, I will gladly refund you. I will honor this for up to 30 days or one full month! So you have no risk to you, I take all the risk. And I am proud to say nobody has ever asked for a refund yet.

P.S.: I know this is a tremendous step into for you to take. I waited too, while staying miserable and losing precious time all because of fear. So take it from me, don’t lose another day waiting and hoping. Take Action Today. The earlier you start, the sooner you can get out. And haven’t you had enough of the 9-5? Haven’t you waited long enough to start your dream business? I think you know the answer. Hope to see you in class!


From some of my rockstar students about their course experience:
“The Smart Exit Blueprint was an excellent way to kick off my plan for an escape. Farnoosh is so positive and encouraging and really makes you feel like you can conquer the world. The course is well-organized and she is always available to answer questions and provide guidance if and when you are stuck. I recommend the course for those who know it’s time to make that move but just need that extra push and a little confidence to get the ball rolling. Thanks Farnoosh!”
Veronica Shanklin, government employee who quit her job to pursue business ideas
“I’ve been in corporate career since I got out of college 9 years ago and yet I always knew I wanted to do something more with my life. I had some ideas and had settled on one but I still found myself having “paralysis by analysis” when trying to build my side hustle. That’s when I came across Farnoosh. I first heard her on a podcast and instantly knew I wanted her to be my coach. Her background was similar to mine and she took action on her exit plan from corporate which transformed her life. She is so passionate about what she was doing, helping others to reach their own exit plan goals.
Once we started working together, Farnoosh helped me get instant clarity. Her knowledge about creating your smart exit plan and everything that goes along with it is extensive, and her ability to recognize your abilities when you can’t see it yourself is something that I am grateful for.
Her availability and responsiveness is amazing and she truly helps take you to the next level. Working with Farnoosh is not your everyday cheerleading. She encourages, gives you confidence, and pushes you to go past your limits to realize your full potential. I am so glad I did the coaching and the course because I know I would not have come this far in this short of time without it. She helped me get a clear picture of what I wanted out of my exit plan. Working with her has not just helped my new career, but also my life in general. I’m following the plan and getting closer to exiting my job and doing my own thing everyday thanks to Farnoosh!”
Mike Faron, IT engineer transitioning to writing, blogging and online marketing
“Farnoosh has been a tremendous asset to work with. Her experience working in Corporate IT and then making the jump to running her own business has been an inspiration. She is a powerhouse of talent and ideas that she channels into helping others. I am fortunate to work with someone of her caliber who is warm, personable and able to see in my blind spots to develop new ideas and directions for my business life.”
Chris Harris, expanded beyond his IT Consulting work
“After becoming familiar with Farnoosh’s work through her podcasts and blog posts, I was impressed by her quality of work. And when she offered the Smart Exit Blueprint course, it was exactly what I needed at that time. I started the class wanting to learn to do a professional exit from my corporate work into my own business. Funny how the universe works, because literally in the middle of the course, my ‘day job’ ended through its own circumstances. The course was the exact net for me to land safely with having the tools and resources from the Exit Blueprint course. Farnoosh bent over backwards to accommodate to her students, even when they were in varied states of exiting corporate life (i.e. just thinking about what to do & helping to brainstorm ideas all the way to me – who recently graduated ‘to the other side.’) A great class and good work to align your life to your passions. She will show you how to do it step-by-step.”
Carrie Crotts, left corporate gig and launched Samsara Consulting
“I have been working directly with Farnoosh for 6+ months, and WOW – what an incredible experience! From our introductory call, she immediately put me at ease in speaking with her about my desire to move on to my own dreams and ideas, even when I hadn’t completely thought them through. She worked skillfully, diligently, and patiently with me to identify my passions and skills, and the resultant strengths. Right from coaching session #1, I felt super confident in her experience, skill, enthusiasm, positive “move forward” attitude, and concern about me, her client. What’s really outstanding is that it’s not just “rah-rah” cheerleading, which was my biggest hesitation with engaging a career coach. The fact that Farnoosh has actually DONE what she is teaching in her “practice-based” coaching and the Smart Exit Blueprint class gives her an instant measure of credibility – it’s what helped to sell me. Of course there’s a necessary element of cheering (which she is amazing at), BUT it’s eclipsed by Farnoosh’s practical, well-thought out, careful STRATEGIC planning required for a SUCCESSFUL career transformation. She recognized the work I put into it, and once the planning was done, she knew exactly how much to “praise”, and how much to “push”, to create real results, to take me to the next level. And, it’s WORKING; it’s been life-changing: I just RESIGNED from my looong term Corporate position, and am fully on my way to doing my own gig, following the PLAN, and I am more excited than ever. And as independent and “extreme” of an analyst as I am, I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her. She knows what she’s talking about. She ROCKS! .”
Bruce Rodgers, resigned 25-year corporate career to start his own business
“For those who’ve spent years in the corporate world and have come to find it unfulfilling, but are unsure of how to go about making a change, Farnoosh’s Smart Exit Blueprint course is a wonderful place to start. For me, there was no better way to begin exploring the path to entrepreneurship. Farnoosh took a truly holistic approach to developing the coursework and guiding the class through each module. By the end of the course I had the solid, practical tools I needed to identify my next steps. I’ve become inspired again and am well on my way to transitioning away from corporate life.”
Lawanda Thompson, corporate employee who began exploring entrepreneurship
“The smart exit blueprint course helped give me confidence and taught me how to recognize my transferable skills. Once I realized that the skills I already possessed could be used in other professions, I started a journey to redefine my career. The Smart Exit Blueprint course is a valuable business tool.”
Esther Walker, gained clarity and momentum in her career direction
“After talking to a former colleague who worked with Farnoosh on his transition out of corporate life and into something he truly enjoys doing, I decided to take the Smart Exit Blueprint course. For far too long I dreamed of doing something on my own, but shuttered at such a “risk” and loss of “security.” Having read Farnoosh’s experience, I could draw very strong parallels in career experiences and felt an instant connection. Through the Smart Exit Blueprint course, Farnoosh led the class through a systematic six step process ranging from identifying your life purpose, assessing your current life situation through to creating an exit plan, that is, a plan to exit your current situation. Farnoosh provides great insight and speaks from recent personal experience, which gives her credibility. In this course Farnoosh did not provide the answer, but did challenge us to identify our individual circumstances, values, needs, life style, and passions and learn a new appreciation for identifying opportunities. She will also provide lots of motivation, encouragement, and perspective along the way. I now view my current situation in perspective while I work on my fulfilling my plan.”
Steve Kastner, started exploring his passions and ideas beyond the employment path
“When I first reached out to Farnoosh Brock in summer 2012, I was in an uninspiring role at a Fortune 200 Financial Company and was exploring all possible career options. I have worked with her since then in a Coaching capacity and as a student of the Smart Exit Blueprint course. I can unequivocally say that this has been one of the best steps I have taken towards a more fulfilling career. On our introductory call, Farnoosh was able to delve immediately into my career expectations. It was amazing how comfortable I felt discussing my aspirations with someone I had just met! I had not given self-employment serious thought prior to our coaching sessions. But, a series of insightful exercises led me to uncover surprising details about my abilities and challenges, which in turn led me to realize that self-employment would suit me quite well. Our coaching sessions worked, I developed a vision for my future and decided to quit my career. I am now focused on laying the groundwork for my vision and my company. There was no doubt in my mind that I would continue to work with Farnoosh, I practically leapt at the chance to participate in her Smart Exit Blueprint class. The Course is designed for participants in all stages of their career, walking them through all aspects of finding a career that they love. Farnoosh is an active class leader, not only designing the course, but also pushing each participant to envision their ideal career and the plan to achieve the vision. Even though I had already exited my corporate career, I found the group setting, the diversity and varied experience of the group beneficial. I continue to stay in touch with the class and Farnoosh, my life is aligning to my passions and strengths and I am more excited about my future than ever before!”
Kay Fudala, from long-term corporate gigs to blogger and entrepreneur
“I’ve just completed the Smart Exit Blueprint workshop and have numerous benefits to share. The anger and frustration I had been feeling about my current employment have been channeled into a direction of my own choosing and is resulting in optimism replacing hopelessness. I feel a greater sense of autonomy and purpose than I have ever felt. As I pursue my exit strategy, the only thing I lack is mastery of the skills I need to accomplish my vision. However, this frustration is different than the one felt at my employer. It’s a good frustration; a positive frustration. Accomplishing my exit vision is now something that I ache for, and I have not felt such passion since I was a child engaged in a hobby of great interest. I am now aligning the behavior in my personal time with my values rather than simply seeking escape from the pain of the work day. This has led to the evaluation of how I spent my time, whom I spent it with, and for what purpose. The same evaluation has developed for my finances, my nutrition, my health, etc. It’s all connected now and that connection is feeding into a singleness of purpose that I am certain will be met. I credit Farnoosh, the thoughtful homework assignments and the community of like-minded individuals with helping me to realize a mountain of energy, creativity, and resolve that I had long since forgotten. I would advise anyone with dissatisfaction in their current work, uncertainty for their future, or a feeling that life has become hum drum and mediocre to consider participating in any of the programs available at For me, the investment was worth it. I trust it will be for you too.”
Eric Sheetz, pursuing multiple entrepreneurial business passions in his exit plan
“The company that I worked at for over 30 years was going through its second merger in the last five years. I survived the first merger, but when the second one appeared on the horizon, I sought out Farnoosh to help give me some clarity on a new career direction. Her Smart Exit Blueprint course was exactly what I needed. Farnoosh helped me to put together a multi-faceted plan which would not only provide me with income outside of the typical corporate 9-5, but also pursue creating a business that is in alignment with my core values. If you are at a crossroads in your employment or need someone to help you fight through any roadblocks or fears that you may have about starting your own business, SEB will provide you with the tools. I was that “cubicle brain-washed corporate workaholic”. SEB provided me with an escape plan.”
Robert Thompson, on leaving a 30-year career and figuring out what’s next
“When I signed up for the Smart Exit Blueprint class, I was between jobs so obviously cost was a consideration. I took advantage of Farnoosh’s offer of a free initial telephone consultation about what to expect and was convinced of the value. And I am here to tell you there is not one regret. This class is worth far more than the cost. The group setting is fantastic for bouncing ideas off of each other, and between the weekly sessions Farnoosh is fully available by email, and her responses were always almost immediate whenever I reached out between the weekly coaching calls. Above and beyond the weekly modules and coaching, she provides even more value with a fabulous package of bonus materials, and permanent access to a private Facebook community of the group taking the class. Farnoosh is a fantastic motivator and cheerleader for whatever path you are on, but don’t get too comfortable because she will challenge you and hold you accountable – so be careful what you promise yourself and her!”
Steve Walker, launched his free-lance writing business

Start your Dream Business by Joining Now:

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Note: Seats are limited in this course. At this time, I am still accepting new students. Registration closes when class fills up. Class is currently 80% full.